Monday, 30 May 2011

Porcelain dresses

I went to Sofiero castle park this weekend. The park itself is "a total art work". When walking among the green lawns, trees and colorful borders, I found something more beautiful than all the 10,000 rhododendron bushes in full bloom together.

These cocktail dresses in natural size, made ​​out of pottery/porcelain greeted my tired eyes. An enchanting sight. I was amazed, and I still look at these photos with amazement.

I love how innovative and creative these dresses are. Also I love the 50s inspired look.
For your info, the artist is Agnes Spångberg.


  1. fantastiskt, kanske ska fixa ihop en sådan till karin... Eller Anna hm!

  2. Haha ja berätta gärna hur du ska gå tillväga! Med tanke på hur bra det gick att "renovera" köket, menar jag. ;)


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