Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Recovery friend

This little pink fellow has many names. Recovery friend. Pillow monster. Anxiety monster. Anxiety friend. 

If you are in a state of anxiety or stress, it can be helpful to have someone or something to hug. Basically, the recovery friend is for hugging. The recovery friend is your friend against anxiety, fear and loneliness.

Lola is now adopted by a friend of mine who is recovering.
I'm on my final semester in social work, and taking the course Social Work as mobilisation and entrepreneurship. This course is about projects related to social work and social enterprises. My project group is creating a podcast, or not so much creating it. We are planning to create it, which is what the course is about: to write a project plan. That's as far as it goes. This course has got me thinking that maybe I could create a little project of my own. I would love to combine creativity with social work. Recovery friends for people with mental ill-health. Let's see where it goes, shall we?

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