Sunday, 26 February 2012

Terrible storm

A while ago I found some transparent glass pendants in a crafts-supplies-store. My first idea was to cover them with fabric, like I did here. Then I realized I could might as well use big buttons if I wanted to make some fabric-covered pendants. Therefore I decided to do something else of the glass pendants I had. Since I like to paint things with nail polish (and sometimes myself too), I thought nail polish would be the perfect match for my glass pendants. 

The motives are supposed to be trees (not sure if that's perceptible). I felt inspired by this painting that my youngest sister once made for me. 


  1. Thank you Autumn! It makes me glad to hear. :)

  2. I love the first one best. and of course we know those are trees! :P :D
    your sis draws well too.

  3. Haha good! I wasn't sure if anyone could tell what it was.
    Yes, she is a talent! :)


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