Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cup of creativity

The bracelets at the top are made of wire spirals and pearls. In order to make a wire bracelet you need wire, a pair of tongs and pearls. You can find wire spirals in the crafts store, so you don't have to shape the wire yourself. However you have to shape the ends with a pair of tongs (otherwise all the pearls will fall off).

The bracelet at the bottom is made of a long, thin band which I have braided. I have then sewed on some pearls.


  1. bransoletka z pereł i błękitnych warkoczy genialny pomysł .. muszę sobie sama taką wyczarować :]

  2. Dzięki Anielska, którzy stworzyli kilka bransoletki z pereł, który zainspirował mnie do stworzenia własnej wersji (plecione bransoletka).


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