Sunday, 25 December 2011

Gold lion

The other day I decided to create something out of a bunch of beads, which I have had for like ages. I threaded the beads on three separate strings, and made three simple bracelets. Then I twined them all together. That's what you can see in the photos.
I wanted to make a pair of matching earrings. I started by painting some wooden beads with nail polish in a gold colour. (I like to paint with nail polish, because I think the colours are rich and vibrant. I have painted cards with nail polish before.)

Once the nail polish had dried, I threaded the wooden beads and some other beads on a piece of wire. I gripped the end of the wire with round tongs, and bent it to fit into the loop of a pendant. Then it was finished and looked like the earring in the photo to the left. :)

I wish you all a merry x-mas!

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