Sunday, 22 December 2013

A star boy

As a kid I wanted to be a cop... until one day someone (a grown-up) told me I couldn't. So, I gave up that dream.

Then when I learned to write, writing became my main hobby. For 10 years I dreamed of becoming a writer... until one day someone (also a grown-up) told me I would never become one. So, I gave up that dream too.

I think that no one should ever tell a child that their dreams are wrong or not possible. That's why I'm so eager to tell children that they can be whatever they want to be. If boys want to play princesses, or girls want to play pirates, I will them: "Go for it."

Just like there are boys who dream about becoming princesses, there are boys (especially in the Nordic countries) who dream about becoming Saint Lucy for a day.

Here's a Saint Lucy choir from 2011, where a boy/man finally got to be Lucy. I think he is doing a great job.

Just like there are boys who want to be Lucy, there are girls who want to be Star Boys. So, I have made my digital stamp Molly into a Star Boy this time. Here she is celebrating the month of December as a Star Boy. (Or actually I have Molly in a Creepmas version, but I never got around to post it.)

Ps. If anyone wants Molly as a star boy, here she is. :)  ->
Find more of Molly and her friends here.

Stjärngosse/ Star boy
digital stamp

Merry Christmas in advance!
Ps. I have submitted this card to:
Just Add Ink: Just add your christmas project
CraftyHazelnut's Christmas: Last minute cards or any not shown already


  1. I agree, Wiola! Dashing children's hopes and dreams serves no purpose and is hurtful and mean. Love Molly as star boy. xxD

  2. Hi Wiola, I never let anyone tell me what I couldn't achieve but then I was an angry young woman. I certainly managed to have some crazy, fearless career moves.... maybe one day I might tell you. I do hope you have a peaceful happy christmas.

  3. Oh Wiola, I'm sorry for your experiences that put you off chasing your dreams. I have 4 kids and would hate for them to be put down like that. Much love to you. I hope you get some enjoyment from the holiday festivities, take care, mo xxx

  4. Thanks for entering your lovely card for CHNC challenge 156 - you could also enter this into my CHNC challenge extra for December - I'd love to see it there too. x

  5. Pursuing dreams is definitely something that should be encouraged not dashed!! Thanks for joining us at just Add Ink and sharing your star "boy".


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