Saturday, 21 December 2013

Time travel Santa

I feel very uninspired at this point. I just don't like Christmas anymore. I want it to disappear already. It's like the war of Christmas at home. So, I called out the transphobes/queerphobes in my extended family, and woah... I had opened the Pandora's box. I'm really considering skipping next Christmas. Hopefully I could spend it in a soup-kitchen or something (you have to sign up months before though, and that's probably because we really don't have that many soup-kitchens in this country...). 

Anyhow, it is Creepmas day 11 after all... so, here's my project for today. Another card. Duuh.

I messed up a little (or a lot?) with the acrylic paint, so some details aren't that visible. Other than acrylic paint, I have coloured the images with Promarkers and some Stickles too.

I have used Stickles: Starry Night & Waterfall for the background.

The Steampunk Santa can be found here, while the mad eyes (which I made a moon out of) can be purchased here

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  1. I love the sparkly Purple background Wiola! This is fabulous! Mo x

  2. Sorry you had a tough day...the holidays aren't all fun and games...hope things improve.

    Love what you did with the Smeared Ink freebie. I haven't colored him up yet. Love that ominous moon in the background!

  3. Aww hon, hang in there. You know what they say, you can't pick your family (unfortunately). Your card looks very inspired, though. Love the sparkly background and fab colors. And that moon is inspired for sure. I was doing more decorating today and pulled out many things from my Mother who was from a 100% Swedish background. The horses, anglaspel, painted nut bowl and candle holders, along with with hangings with Tomte made me think of her, and you. xxD

  4. yup Christmas can really get the best of us... it's a stressful time that's for sure! It will be over soon ;o) Love how you have done this great Santa!!! The background is totally awesome.

  5. Mornin' Wiola, I really feel for you dear... I think we get all this Christmas cheer rammed down our throats and it seems everyone else is having a marvelous time at Christmas. On several hops I have read of people having an awful time with family, me included. The only part of my family we will be seeing this year is my stepdaughter Lisa and her little family. I never see my own daughter and have never met my grandchild. But, Christmas is what we make it. I have a kind husband and beautiful stepgrandchildren, a good relationship with Lisa and her husband and that will do just fine. I really do hope you have a peaceful and Happy Christmas, oh..and love your steampunk Santa.

  6. I am with you on the wanting it to be over already. Not my favorite time of year which is another reason why I love the Creepmas theme. Hang in there! And I love those eyes on the moon - great idea. Your card is beautiful!


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