Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hello and welcome to Creepmas day 6!

Sorry for the blurry and unclear photo. 

I have used a a digital stamp by Rick St Dennis, named Creepmas Mourning. The paper comes from F.T and the red poinsetta from Pysselmakaren. The red bow was found in an ad magazine. 

I made this Creepmas card for my big sister. The title reads "We don't want a stupid plastic tree" because of what happened before Christmas 2 years ago. My oldest little sister and I were determined to get a real Christmas tree that year, and our older sister were with us from the start. We went with mum to town, with the goal to get a real Christmas tree. After an hour, our big sister realized that it wouldn't be problem-free to get a tree, so she changed her mind. She told our mum that we had gone to town only to get a Christmas tree. Mum got mad and said: "No, now we go home. I don't want a stupid Christmas tree." At that point, my little sister C. had already bought a nice red Christmas stand. 

We got into the car and were trying to persuade mum to go to the tree plantation, where they were selling Christmas trees. Mum said that we would now leave town, so C. got so mad that she opened the car door (while we were driving) and jumped out. I realized that it wouldn't be any Christmas peace at home unless I tried to help C. with her Christmas tree mission. I asked mum to let me off and she did. Then I ran after C. who was already far away. Then we went by foot 2 km to the tree plantation. When we had finally bought our Christmas tree, we went back to town (also by foot). We tried to get a ride home from there (30 km), but ended up having to take the Christmas tree with us on the bus. The bus driver told us that we had to take "our friend" in the trunk lid. Lol. The drive home went fine though, and eventually we reached home with our Christmas tree. 

So, the card is about that story. The idea is that my oldest little sister C. and I come back as angry zombies and vandalize the stupid plastic tree. Hehe. Mum asked if the card was not for her, but I thought it suited my big sister just as fine. Not that I hold a grudge, although we did call her "a traitor" back then. Lol. I just think it's a funny story that I wanted to make a Christmas card about.

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  1. LOVE your coloring and fab sparkle on this Wiola, and your sentiment made me giggle. Great card! xxD

  2. Great card, Wiola. Love the coloring. What a hilarious story. Did you guys ever get a real tree?

    1. Haha, yes we did. I wanted to publish my post asap, which is why I didn't finish writing the story at first. My little sister and I got the tree all by ourselves. :D

  3. This is fantastic! Great image and colouring and doesn't it fit perfectly with your story.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your tale-of-the-tree! I love hearing the stories that inspired the cards. Great job!

  5. Great card Wiola. Love how you colored the Rick St. Dennis stamp. Thanks for sharing the story behind the card.

  6. LOL! Great story, I loved it! The card is great!

  7. wow that's really a great Christmas memory!!! That will be told for many years to come. I really love the card that was inspired by it! ;o)

  8. well, I can understand why they are so sad ! I don't want a plastic tree either !!!

  9. Fabulous Christmas tree story! lol Love the card and the zombie siblings!! Love it! mo x

  10. Your card is great, but I especially LOVE the story behind it! I can see that happening in my family so I got quite the giggle!

  11. So realistic. Is it the good words to say : c'est très réaliste ! J'aime beaucoup.

  12. wonderful story and thanks for using my image to illustrate it!!! Great Job!


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